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Senior Care Options

Senior Care Options assists people who are focusing on the needs of seniors. We help people balance the seniors’ desire for independence with the need for support when diminished abilities interfere with daily activities.

Achieving this delicate balance ensures: dignity of the individual, quality-of-life, and safety in the home for the senior, plus peace of mind for their caregivers.

Senior Care Options helps our clients find cost effective support networks close to home. We will undertake to coordinate these services on their behalf.

Our experts in geriatrics include; pharmacists, RN’s, relocation planners, financial planners and palliative care planners. We also have a wide range of independent resources who we bring in as the situation dictates.


  • Confidential family meetings
  • Facilitate family discussions around living arrangements (to stay at home or to move), what is available (retirement residences or Long Term Care facilities) and how to start the process
  • Care management for those whose elder responsibilities have to be done at long distances
  • Home safety audits
  • Important and topical elder care presentations, seminars and workshops, in community and corporate settings
  • The Empowered Aging Program™ – helping adult children manage elder care and still have a life

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